Dubai – A Combination of Health and Happiness in One Place

Dubai – A Combination of Health and Happiness in One Place

I would like to share a very interesting conversation between myself and one of the most renowned healthcare specialist from a different country.

During his visit to Dubai, he asked me with a surprise ” what is the secret behind such happy and peaceful looking faces of people in Dubai ? I am amazed to see how everyone in Dubai have a joyful smile like a child does while watching a water fountain dancing over the serene music”.

With the same kind of smile, I answered “that’s because it is DUBAI. I further told him, “Dubai is like a huge tree that is growing and prospering day by day, providing shelter to many under its shadow, taking away all the tiredness, providing fruits of joy and success to people hanging on to it. Dubai is a city of dreams for many where almost impossible dreams have come to reality.”

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He indeed agreed with my thought. He further added ” Dubai is becoming a medical tourism destination with enhancement in healthcare options and quality care. Dubai is turning into a world leader not only in healthcare but also in business development and finance which is supported by various distinct international conferences held each year that has grabbed attention of many investors from various sectors across the globe. Our conversation continued and we agreed upon the same thought in the end that is “Dubai is a place where health and happiness are two sides of the same coin”.

According to World Health Organization, health does not mean the absence of disease but a state of complete well-being of physical, mental and social. And in Dubai health is further defined with a holistic professional approach which leads to health and happiness in the minds and hearts of UAE. And this is the goal, Dubai government and Health Authorities is aiming to achieve in this city where humanity come first before any material pleasure. True happiness is self-enlightenment. Real happiness lies in the state of mental satisfaction and peace obtained by feelings of joy and love in everyday life. Material possession is a temporary state of happiness.

To stay healthy, one must feel positive, happy and bear healthy thoughts. Negative thoughts and feelings are triggering factors that take us to the path of self-destruction and disturb our social and professional life. On the other hand, all the positive emotions increase productivity and strengthen social and family relations.

Happiness can never be measured by bank accounts. Instead it is measured by the quality of human relationships and the ability to give and this is the lifestyle of people in Dubai, indeed it is. The place we all love and adore deeply in our hearts. It truly is oasis of security and safety and a land of beautiful, healthy and happy hearts.