Founder & CEO

Dr. Bassam Darwish Founder & CEO of Balsam for Health Promotion

Dr. Bassam Darwish, a pioneer with a vast experience in medical media and healthcare marketing consultancy since 1996 in the UAE, built the foundations and pillars of Balsam for Health Promotion. Dr. Bassam is the founder and CEO of Balsam for Health Promotion Company in DHCC. He has been in the healthcare field since 1996 in UAE with a vast experience in medical media and marketing as a Medical Media Consultant. He is an expert in health promotion and healthcare services development. He is also the General Manager of Art of Beauty Center in Dubai.

Dr. Bassam is the Presenter of Balsam Show at Noor Dubai Radio (FM 93.9 at Dubai Media Incorporated. Balsam Show is a daily interactive talk show specialized in raising the health awareness in different medical fields.)

With his expertise, Balsam has collaborated with several polyclinics, hospitals, and governmental agencies to promote their medical services, health awareness campaigns, and more between providers and patients.

Balsam has been one of the first top leading medical marketing company in the GCC, with a team possessing the background of both medical and marketing to help you build your pillars and share your story.